from ipyleaflet import Map, basemaps, basemap_to_tiles

m = Map(
    layers=(basemap_to_tiles(basemaps.NASAGIBS.ModisTerraTrueColorCR, "2017-04-08"), ),
    center=(52.204793, 360.121558),



Attribute Default Value Doc
layers (default_layer) Tuple of layers
controls () Tuple of controls
center (0.0, 0.0) Initial geographic center of the map
zoom 12 Initial map zoom level
max_zoom 18  
min_zoom 1  
crs ‘EPSG3857’ Coordinate reference system, which can be ‘Earth’, ‘EPSG3395’, ‘EPSG3857’, ‘EPSG4326’, ‘Base’, or ‘Simple’
dragging True Whether the map be draggable with mouse/touch or not
touch_zoom True Whether the map can be zoomed by touch-dragging with two fingers on mobile
scroll_wheel_zoom False Whether the map can be zoomed by using the mouse wheel
double_click_zoom True Whether the map can be zoomed in by double clicking on it and zoomed out by double clicking while holding shift
box_zoom True Whether the map can be zoomed to a rectangular area specified by dragging the mouse while pressing the shift key
tap True Enables mobile hacks for supporting instant taps
tap_tolerance 15 The max number of pixels a user can shift his finger during touch for it to be considered a valid tap
world_copy_jump False With this option enabled, the map tracks when you pan to another “copy” of the world and seamlessly jumps to
close_popup_on_click True Set it to False if you don’t want popups to close when user clicks the map
bounce_at_zoom_limits True Set it to False if you don’t want the map to zoom beyond min/max zoom and then bounce back when pinch-zooming
keyboard True Makes the map focusable and allows users to navigate the map with keyboard arrows and +/- keys
keyboard_pan_offset 80  
keyboard_zoom_offset 1  
inertia True If enabled, panning of the map will have an inertia effect
inertia_deceleration 3000 The rate with which the inertial movement slows down, in pixels/second²
inertia_max_speed 1500 Max speed of the inertial movement, in pixels/second
zoom_control True  
attribution_control True  
zoom_animation_threshold 4  


Method Arguments Doc
add_layer Layer instance Add a new layer to the map
remove_layer Layer instance Remove a layer from the map
clear_layers   Remove all layers from the map
add_control Control instance Add a new control to the map
remove_control Control instance Remove a control from the map
clear_controls   Remove all controls from the map
on_interaction callable object Add a callback on interaction